Tombola House

Desco designed the M&E services for gaming giant Tombola’s new head office at Wylam Wharf in Sunderland.

The unique riverside campus brings together the current listed building base with a new 25,000 sq. ft office development, including innovative external landscaping to blend in with its location at Wylam Wharf.

Throughout the design process, Tombola was mindful of the need to ensure the contemporary new building complements the existing buildings on the quayside area, to provide a lasting link to the city’s proud shipbuilding heritage.

The scale of the building, its multiple pitch roof and brick construction reflects the surrounding warehouses — which characterise this section of the riverside.

The new building features three floors of flexible office space around a central atrium.

Open plan offices, located on the first and second floors, incorporate a three-storey central atrium and make pioneering commercial use of electrochromic glass externally to control occupant comfort and achieve energy efficiencies.

The ground floor comprises a reception area, meeting rooms, bistro and a gym for employees, with a central feature staircase leading to the open plan upper floors. These are designed with generous floor-to-ceiling heights and a density of 10m² per person in an environment intended to aid workplace wellbeing.

The central atrium within the development contains an impressive stretch of bleacher seating leading up to the first floor, creating an excellent space for presentations and events. A diverse range of informal training and presentation suites have been incorporated also for staff use.

Its appropriately contemporary twist reflects the client’s desire to create a striking contribution to the city and a stimulating environment for the company.


Tombola Headquarters





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